X (Twitter) announced to introduce payment services and other AI features during 2024

The company announced the changes in a blog post / file photo
The company announced the changes in a blog post / file photo

Elon Musk-owned social media platform X (the new name of Twitter) has announced that it will improve its features with artificial intelligence (AI) technology in 2024.

A blog post from the company stated that X is being transformed into a video-first platform rather than a microblogging one.

It should be noted that the company changed the name of Twitter to X in July 2023 and also changed its logo.

Now the process of converting this platform into a super app is being accelerated.

To this end, the company’s blog post announced the introduction of payment services sometime in 2024.

Apart from payment services, a feature called See Dissimilar Posts is also being added to X.

Under this feature, XFeed will display posts that are out of the user’s interest.

AI technology will be used for this feature.

Along with this, the X-Search function will also be improved with the help of AI technology.

Currently, the company has not released many details regarding the new features and it is difficult to say when they will be available to users.

It is also not clear whether these features will be available to general users or not.

The company now restricts most of the features to users who are part of the subscription service.

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