Will users be able to respond to WhatsApp channel updates?

Photo: Foreign media
Photo: Foreign media

Metta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp introduced a feature called Channels in June 2023, which was limited to a few countries at the time, but has now been rolled out to users worldwide, including Pakistan.

Now users worldwide will be able to follow channels with the help of a searchable directory.

Users will be able to search and follow channels containing updates from their favorite teams, hobbies, personalities or other fields.

It will be possible for the admins of these channels to share text, photos, videos, stickers and polls with a large audience through the channels.

Along with introducing the feature in more than 150 countries, some new additions are also being made.

Can it be responded to?

According to the report of WhatsApp Beta Info, now WhatsApp is working on a feature after which users will not be able to reply to these updates but will definitely be able to respond.

Beta users have been offered a number of emojis that they can use to express appreciation, sadness, surprise or humor on an update, similar to a Facebook post.

Photo: WhatsApp Beta Info
Photo: WhatsApp Beta Info

This feature is currently available for testing to some users and will be released worldwide soon.

WhatsApp has also issued a note on its support page, according to which people who do not follow the channel but watch it will also be able to send emojis on the update, i.e. give their reaction.

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