WhatsApp web version introduces 2 major updates for users

Adding 2 Features to WhatsApp Web Version / Screenshot
Adding 2 Features to WhatsApp Web Version / Screenshot

2 major updates are being made to the web version of WhatsApp.

Chat search and privacy are being improved in the web version of WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo reports that a search by date feature has been added to the beta version of the web version.

As the name suggests, it will allow users to search for specific chats through history.

It should be noted that this feature was available on the mobile app for a long time and now it is being made a part of the web version.

According to the report, when a user clicks on the chat search option, a new calendar icon will appear in front of him.

Clicking on this icon will allow you to search for chats by selecting a specific date, month and year.

This is how the feature will work / Photo courtesy of WABetaInfo
This is how the feature will work / Photo courtesy of WABetaInfo

This new feature will make searching for chats much easier and will eliminate the need to use specific keywords.

As mentioned above, this feature is currently in beta so it may take a few weeks or months to roll out to all users.

Similarly, the privacy of users using the WhatsApp web version has also been improved with a feature called screen lock.

Earlier the chat lock feature was introduced in the web version after the mobile as well.

But in the web version, this feature is called screen lock.

This option is present in the privacy settings of the web version and going there will show a screen lock option that will make access to WhatsApp web subject to a password.

If a user forgets the password to lock the chat with password, he/she has to logout from the web version and sign in again by scanning the QR code to use WhatsApp.

This feature will be useful for users who use WhatsApp web version in offices.

Likewise, even if their computer is left open, they don’t have to worry that someone can see their private chats.

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