What were the 10 most popular pages on Wikipedia in 2023?

In 2023, the number of Wikipedia page views will exceed 84 billion / Reuters Photo
In 2023, the number of Wikipedia page views will exceed 84 billion / Reuters Photo

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, operating as an open online encyclopedia since 2001.

Every year Wikipedia pages are viewed billions of times by people.

In 2023, more than 84 billion people visited the Wikipedia site and now the online encyclopedia has released a list of the most read articles.

The list suggests that in 2023, people were more interested in learning about artificial intelligence (AI), worldwide deaths, cricket and Oppenheimer.

The following are the 10 most read articles on Wikipedia this year.

10. Pathan (film)

One crore 99 lakh 32 thousand 509 visits were made to the Wikipedia page to know about this film of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan.

9. 2023 Indian Premier League

Indian Cricket League’s Wikipedia page has been visited 2.694 thousand 974 times.

8. Jawan (film)

Another movie of Shah Rukh Khan this year also became the center of attention and his Wikipedia page was visited 2 crore 17 lakh 91 thousand 126 times.

7. J. Robert Oppenheimer

Due to director Christopher Nolan’s film, people visited Wikipedia 256,724,469 times to learn about the American scientist.

6. Cricket World Cup

The Wikipedia page of Cricket World Cup has been visited 2 crore 59 lakh 61 thousand 417 times.

5. Oppenheimer (film)

People have shown a lot of interest in this Hollywood film and its Wikipedia page has been visited 2 crore 83 lakh 48 thousand 248 times.

4. Indian Premier League

This Wikipedia page is separate from the 2023 Indian Premier League Wikipedia page which received 32.012.810 hits this year.

3. 2023 Cricket World Cup

This year, the Wikipedia page of the event in India was visited 3 crore 81 lakh 71 thousand 653 times.

2. Deaths in 2023

Why people were interested in this page is not clear, but its page views were 4 crore 26 lakh 66 thousand 860.

1. Chat GPT

The Wikipedia page for a chatbot based on artificial intelligence technology was the most popular and had 49.490406 page views throughout the year.

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