What steps are Google, Tik Tok and Facebook taking for the general elections in Pakistan?

Steps have been taken by these companies regarding the general elections / file photo
Steps have been taken by these companies regarding the general elections / file photo

The general elections in Pakistan are being held on February 8 and the highlight this time is their internet coverage.

In fact, some parties are using social media or internet instead of rallies or rallies to conduct election campaigns.

Facebook, TikTok and Google have taken some steps to help people before the elections in Pakistan.

Following are the steps of these platforms.


On the occasion of the general elections in Pakistan, a statement was issued by Google highlighting various initiatives taken by the Internet search engine.

According to the company, ‘Pakistani people will vote on February 8 to elect representatives for the National and Provincial Assemblies. We are committed to working closely with the government and civil society to provide voters with useful and authentic information and to protect our platform from misuse.

Google search: According to the company, our ranking systems in Google Search are designed to promote authentic information and provide a variety of election-related information.

The Google homepage also provides links that provide voters with authentic information on topics like ‘how to vote’ and ‘how to register to vote’, the company said.

For that you www.google.com.pk You can click on Learn more on how to vote in the 2024 National Election.

YouTube: Our election news and information content recommendation system on YouTube highlights content from authoritative sources and relevant context, including local and national news stories on the home page, the statement said. Sources, search results and Up Next panels are included so that people can access quality news and information regarding elections.

Google Trends: One regarding the Pakistani elections from Google Google Trends Page has also been introduced.

This page contains details about the parties participating in the elections.

According to the company, the page also includes the top election-related topics searched for in every part of the country, such as the economy, taxes and wage data.

This data provides unique details about what people are searching for, the company said.

Google News Initiative: According to Google, the company has also launched a series of workshops to equip journalists with the right resources while covering news.

These workshops train journalists on news verification, digital security and tools to use Google Trends.

Tick ​​tock

Tik Tok issued a statement in this regard in the last decade of January.

The statement said that Tik Tok is taking strong measures to combat misinformation, violence and hateful content in line with community guidelines.

According to the statement, TikTok’s policies prohibit content that threatens voters, disrupts the voting process or incites violence.

The statement added that to prevent disinformation, TikTok will continue to work with local and regional fact-checkers on the platform to consistently and accurately remove election-related misinformation, such content for you. Recommendations for feeds are prevented while viewers and creators are alerted to the potentially misleading nature of such content.

Pakistan Election Center will also be introduced soon in this regard on behalf of Tik Tok.

This center will provide users with authentic information including voting procedures and locations.

According to the social media platform, TikTok has established policies for accounts belonging to the government, politicians or political parties, which exclude the ability to give or receive money through advertising, fundraising or TikTok monetization tools. .


Clicking on this image in Facebook opens the page of Election Commission / Screenshot
Clicking on this image in Facebook opens the page of Election Commission / Screenshot

Facebook hasn’t taken much action yet, but it has definitely shared a link regarding general elections in Pakistan, on clicking on which, the Election Commission of Pakistan’s Facebook page opens in front of the user.

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