What is TikTok going to do to beat Instagram and WhatsApp?

This was revealed in a new report / AP Photo
This was revealed in a new report / AP Photo

The popular video sharing app TikTok is now set to transform itself into a full-fledged social media network to take on Instagram and WhatsApp.

To this end, TikTok is recruiting a new team to improve social networking features and messaging.

This is a new thing Reports I came forward.

According to the report, the company is looking to hire a product manager for TikTok Social to ensure meaningful social interactions between users.

The report stated that the company wants to keep its users within the platform.

The report further stated that ‘there is concern within TikTok that users share their short videos on other social media and messaging apps to get feedback from their friends’.

With the new team for Tik Tok Social, the company wants to create a platform where users can connect with their friends within Tik Tok and share their videos and other content.

For this purpose the messaging features will be further improved.

The report quoted sources as saying that the company has recognized that its messaging capability is in its infancy and will be further enhanced by a team of talented individuals.

Keep in mind that Tik Tok is known for short viral videos with features like likes, comments and reposts but not much focus on messaging.

Anti-TikTok platforms like Instagram are now focusing more on short videos and in view of this, Tik Tok is working on expanding its social media features.

While introducing new features to improve the user experience, our focus will always remain on the core business model (i.e. videos), a company spokesperson said.

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