What is the real age of the moon? Scientists found out

An astronaut collects samples during the Apollo 17 mission / Photo courtesy of NASA
An astronaut collects samples during the Apollo 17 mission / Photo courtesy of NASA

Do you know the age of the moon? The fact is that even scientists have not been able to know the correct answer to this question, but now there has been progress in this regard.

Scientists have estimated the moon’s age after analyzing samples collected from the moon during the 1972 Apollo 17 mission.

Keep in mind that Apollo 17 was the last mission when humans set foot on the moon and no humans have been there since.

In a new study, analysis of samples collected during the mission has revealed a lot about the moon’s formation process and its age.

The research of the University of Chicago in the United States stated that the age of the moon is about 4 billion 46 million years, that is, a little less than the earth.

This was discovered after analyzing nano-zircon crystals in lunar samples, the researchers said.

He said that these nanocrystals started to form when a planet the size of Mars collided with the Earth billions of years ago.

He said that after the impact of the planet with the Earth, lava and rocks spread out into space and when the lava started to cool, these crystals formed.

He added that these crystals were formed after this collision and now that we know how old these crystals are, we can estimate the age of the moon.

He said that our solar system was formed 11 million years before the moon.

The researchers admitted that it is very difficult to determine the true age of the moon, but it can be estimated from the results of the research.

He said that zircon crystals are the oldest metal found on Earth, Mars and Moon.

He said that zircon is a very hard metal and is preserved even during the breakdown of rocks.

The results of this research were published in the journal Geochemical Perspectives Letters.

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