What is the minimum number of subscribers required to earn from YouTube?

Earning income from YouTube is possible for everyone / file photo
Earning income from YouTube is possible for everyone / file photo

Many people around the world earn extra income from YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing service.

But how many subscribers should an account have to earn from YouTube videos?

The good news is that you don’t need thousands of subscribers to make money from YouTube.

In fact, anyone can earn money from this video sharing platform by becoming a part of the YouTube partner program.

But for this it is necessary to follow some conditions.

How many subscribers should there be?

In order to monetize YouTube, one must first become a member of the YouTube Partner Program to access the platform’s monetization features.

Minimum number of subscribers must be between 500 and 1000 to be a part of this program.

It should be noted that in June, the company eased the conditions for earning revenue from YouTube in some countries by reducing the number of subscribers from 1,000 to 500, but this has not been updated in Pakistan yet. That is, to earn money here, it is necessary to have at least 1000 subscribers.

The new program also requires uploading at least 3 public videos in the last 90 days.

Similarly, a user’s videos must have been watched for 3,000 hours in a year or YouTube shorts have been watched 3 million times in the last 90 days.

Under the old program, a requirement of 4,000 hours of long-form videos or 10 million views of shorts must be met in a year.

By fulfilling these conditions user can earn money through various features like channel memberships, super chat, super stickers and super thanks.

Similarly, users will also be able to promote their products in YouTube Shopping.

Keep in mind that each program has its own terms and conditions that you must follow The link You can go and see.

How many subscribers do you need to earn from YouTube shorts?

YouTube’s revenue sharing program for shorts videos began on February 1, 2023.

For this purpose, the YouTube Partner Program was modified so that users can earn money from short videos as well.

All users posting shorts can be a part of this partner program with 1000 subscribers and 10 million shorts views in the last 90 days.

Should YouTube income be taxed?

The company has clarified that every user has to pay taxes according to their country’s laws on the earnings on this platform.

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