What has Bill Gates predicted for 2024?

Bill Gates/Reuters Photo
Bill Gates/Reuters Photo

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has declared 2024 as the year of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Predicting the next year at the end of 2023, Bill Gates said that 2024 will be a transformative year for AI technology.

In a 10-page letter, Bill Gates said he expects developments next year to help lay the groundwork for the technology’s spread this decade.

He added that in 2024, he expects to see more diversity in AI technology.

He further said that AI technology will speed up the process of manufacturing vaccines and medicines which will help save the lives of children under 5 years of age.

According to Bill Gates, in the coming years AI technology will become common around the world and AI tools will give us an opportunity to learn a lot about global health.

He hoped that AI technology would also be helpful in overcoming the problem of antibiotic resistance.

It should be noted that Bill Gates has been expressing his opinion in support of AI technology for a long time.

In a blog post in July, Bill Gates said that AI technology is the most important development in the world since the personal computer and should not be feared.

Bill Gates said that various problems such as deepfake photos or videos, copying in schools and biased algorithms have definitely emerged from AI technology, but they are preventable.

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