What do scientists say about alleged aliens found in Mexico?

A body presented to the Mexican Congress / Reuters Photo
A body presented to the Mexican Congress / Reuters Photo

In September 2023, the bodies of alleged aliens with unusual heads and small bodies were presented to the Mexican House of Representatives Congress, which looked similar to the protagonist of the 1982 super hit film ET Extraterrestrial.

But were these ghostly bodies really of a space creature or is the reality something else?

Are they bodies made using the bones of humans and other animals to make them look like aliens?

This alleged 1,000-year-old creature was claimed to have been discovered in Cuzco, Peru, a Latin American country.

Dr. Martin Dominic of St. Andrews University said that these bodies raise doubts.

“We can imagine that intelligent aliens might look different from humans, but these bodies look like something out of a 1982 movie,” he said.

What do the experts say?

A scene / screenshot from ET Extra-Terrestrial
A scene / screenshot from ET Extra-Terrestrial

He said embalming distorts faces and is a possible explanation for how a human corpse can look alien and be mistaken for an extraterrestrial.

Professor Massimiliano Vasile of Strathclyde University Space Systems Engineering said that while the presence of aliens cannot be completely ruled out, the claims in Mexico are dubious.

He added that such cases should be investigated because we cannot ignore the possibility of some form of life in the universe.

He said that when possible evidence of extraterrestrial life is discovered, it should be scientifically scrutinized, verified and data collected, but when something like Mexico happens, we are not given access to scientific evidence, we have no data. No, just a statement comes out, so it is not possible to make any decision about it from a scientific point of view.

DNA should be analyzed

A journalist presented the bodies / Reuters Photo
A journalist presented the bodies / Reuters Photo

These suspected aliens were presented by a Mexican journalist, Jamie Masson, to members of the Mexican Congress who are investigating UFOs.

They have previously presented bodies in the name of aliens which turned out to be monkeys or children.

Now the bodies he presented have 2 hands, 2 legs and 3 fingers on each hand and it is said that these bodies are based on a single structure rather than a collection of bones.

There has also been a claim that tests have found DNA in these bodies that does not belong to any creature on Earth.

“If there is DNA evidence, it should be properly analyzed. If we don’t have convincing evidence, it is not possible to believe that they are aliens,” Dr. Martin Dominic said.

The search for life beyond Earth

A member of the Mexican Congress examines / AFP photo
A member of the Mexican Congress examines / AFP photo

Scientists around the world, including the University of St Andrews, are working to find signs of life in space.

In 2022, the University of St Andrews established a special department to explore evidence of life in space.

Professor Massimiliano Vasile said that it is possible that aliens have arrived on Earth without our knowledge, but if this were the case, there would have been some kind of evidence by now.

He said that if it is assumed that extraterrestrial beings have reached the earth, it means that they must have established several abodes in the galaxy, but so far we have not seen anything like this in the solar system.

Efforts are now being made to identify the bodies found in Mexico, but Dr Martin Dominic said that when it comes to space life, it is important to look at the evidence.

He said that there are many dubious claims in this regard and it is difficult to investigate such matters in the current media.

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