Using passwords is almost a thing of the past

Google announced it / File photo
Google announced it / File photo

Major technology companies around the world have been trying to eliminate passwords for a long time.

But in this case, Google has outdone all companies and made passkeys the default sign-in method for all accounts on its network, a technology that made passwords a thing of the past.

Keep in mind that this technology was introduced by Apple in September 2022.

Passkeys was first made part of Apple’s iOS 16, macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.

Later in October 2022, Google added Passkeys support to Android phones and the Chrome web browser.

Passkeys are essentially digital keys that are easier to use while being more secure because they are not stored on a web server.

Instead of long passwords, this technology uses a 4-digit PIN code or biometric details to log in.

Since using this technology will make it impossible for hackers to access people’s accounts, Google has announced to make it the default sign-in method.

One from Google Expression I was told that users will be notified of the new change by sending a promotion or notification and will be asked to generate a pass key for themselves.

Creating a pass is very easy

Generating passkeys is very easy / Photo courtesy of Google
Generating passkeys is very easy / Photo courtesy of Google

Creating a passkey is very easy, you just need to google it Official Passkeys website to generate the PIN or biometric data that will be associated with your account.

Passkeys basically consist of methods to unlock your smartphone like fingerprint, pin code or face unlock etc.

When PassKey is ready, it will work on all devices that are using Google’s password manager.

It also means that you will have access to all accounts even if the phone is lost.

But on a computer it will need to have Windows 10 or later operating system, while on a smartphone it will need to have Android 9 or later operating system.

According to Google, the use of passwords is not being completely removed and if the user wants to, he can turn off the Skip Password When Possible option by going to the sign-in options page.

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