Useful feature addition to Gmail

A report described the feature / file photo
A report described the feature / file photo

If you use Google’s Gmail service for emails, you’ll love the new addition.

Google is improving the Help Me Write feature in the Gmail app for Android phones.

This feature helps in drafting emails using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Right now, users write custom emails to the AI ​​bot by giving them written instructions.

But in the near future you won’t even need to touch the keyboard because you will be able to do it just by speaking.

According to a report by Android Authority, a new feature is being tested in the Gmail app.

With this feature called Draft Email With Your Voice, you will be able to speak the instructions for the email.

The report said that for this purpose, an AI bot will be added to the Gmail app which will take into account the audio instructions and compose and draft the email.

The voice typing interface will automatically open a large mic button on the screen when you start composing a new email or reply to an email.

By clicking this button you will record your instructions and then click the Create button so that the AI ​​technology can draft the email.

It is not yet clear when Google will introduce this feature to the Gmail app on Android phones.

Right now, the Help Me Write feature is also limited to Google Workspace Labs users in the US and only works with English instructions.

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