Universe’s Oldest Black Hole Discovered

Image of the galaxy GN-z11 taken by the Hubble Space Telescope a few years ago / Photo courtesy of NASA
Image of the galaxy GN-z11 taken by the Hubble Space Telescope a few years ago / Photo courtesy of NASA

Scientists have discovered the oldest black hole that was formed at the beginning of the universe.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom made this discovery through the James Webb Space Telescope.

Scientists estimate that this black hole came into being 440 million years after the Big Bang.

This black hole is 1 million times bigger than the Sun.

The surprising thing is that this black hole is much bigger than we expected at all, the researchers said.

The results of this study have been published on a preprint website.

According to research, it is not possible to see this black hole, but there are evidences of its presence.

Generally, a black hole is surrounded by a halo of gas, which made scientists aware of the presence of this black hole.

Scientists believe that the oldest black holes will help solve the mystery of how black holes at the center of galaxies grow so massive.

The black hole is located in a galaxy called GN-z11, and scientists think it may have been massive or expanded very quickly to begin with.

Scientists said that it was already a mystery how black holes are formed and now its mystery has increased.

“The research shows that some black holes expanded at a surprisingly fast rate in the early universe that we didn’t expect,” he said.

What is a black hole?

It should be noted that one of the mysteries of the universe is the mysterious black hole, which scientists are struggling to know and understand.

A black hole is the mystery of the universe that has been given many names, sometimes it is called the passage from one universe to another, sometimes it is called the pit of death.

Any star becomes a black hole when all its matter is trapped in a small space. If we were to squeeze our sun into a space the size of a tennis ball, it would turn into a black hole.

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