TikTok’s parent company accused of using OpenAI technology

A report claimed this / Reuters Photo
A report claimed this / Reuters Photo

ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, has advanced its artificial intelligence (AI) model by using OpenAI’s technology.

one Reports According to ByteDance, OpenAI’s technology was used to improve the large language models of its AI chatbots.

The report claimed that ByteDance violated OpenAI regulations, which stated that users could not use its Application Programming Interface (API) to create AI models that Compete with the company’s products.

OpenAI confirmed the suspension of ByteDance’s account on December 15 after this report came to light.

ByteDance, on the other hand, said in a statement that it had done nothing wrong and that it had a license to use the GPTA APIs.

“ByteDance has been licensed by Microsoft to use GPT APIs. We are using GPT in our products and features for markets outside of China, while our ready The AI ​​model Doubao is only available in China.

According to ByteDance, it used OpenAI’s technology to develop its AI models while keeping the US company’s regulations in mind.

The company acknowledged that a team of experts used OpenAI’s API service for an experimental model when work began on large language models in early 2023.

But the experimental model has not been released to the public, and work was halted in April when a protocol was implemented to ensure compliance with OpenAI’s rules.

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