Tik Tok is now ready to become YouTube

TikTok has been testing the landscape videos feature for a long time / File photo
TikTok has been testing the landscape videos feature for a long time / File photo

The popularity of Tik Tok has also forced other technology companies to change themselves and they are giving more priority to short videos.

After forcing Instagram, Facebook and other social media networks to be like it, Tik Tok is making itself like YouTube.

Therefore, the company is constantly working on new features that will help it compete with YouTube.

TikTok is encouraging users to create videos in landscape mode similar to YouTube.

It should be noted that TikTok is known for short vertical videos and avoids making videos on landscape mode.

The landscape videos feature was being tested for a long time, but now Tik Tok is advising creators to make landscape videos.

Such videos longer than one minute will also be promoted by the company, so that the video will be seen in the feed of more people.

According to a report, through a promotion to some creators, the company said landscape videos would be boosted within 72 hours of posting.

Creators who have been on TikTok for more than 3 months will be eligible for this viewership boost, as long as their video is not an ad or a political party.

The change comes as the social media app is testing a feature to upload 30-minute long videos.

This is not the first time TikTok has advised creators to post YouTube-like content.

In its paywall program series, users can save a collection of 20-minute-long videos that pay a fee to watch.

With the company preferring landscape mode and longer videos, creators will be able to post their content directly to TikTok instead of YouTube.

On the other hand, YouTube is introducing features that make it more like Tik Tok.

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