Threads overtakes X in terms of app downloads

A report said about this / Reuters Photo
A report said about this / Reuters Photo

Threads were introduced by Meta to compete with X (Twitter’s new name).

In the beginning, people showed a lot of interest in this new social media platform, but then they started moving away from it.

But Meta’s efforts to improve threads are now paying off and it’s starting to overtake X, at least in terms of downloads.

According to a report by a company called Apptopia, although the number of daily downloads of Threads had decreased since September, the situation started to change in late November.

At the beginning of November, this app was being downloaded 3.5 lakh times daily, but on November 23, this number reached 620 thousand.

The report suggested that the new surge in popularity of Threads is likely due to Meta running ads for the app.

Since September, X has been downloaded 2.7 million times, while Threads has been downloaded 4.1 million times.

According to the report, Twitter Lite was downloaded more than the X app in various countries because it was not renamed from X.

The report further stated that the threads were downloaded the highest number of times in India, followed by the US.

In comparison, X was downloaded the most in Indonesia followed by India.

According to the report, the download of this app was affected by changing the name of Twitter to X.

However, it is still a bigger platform than Xthreads with more than 50 crore monthly users.

In comparison, Threads has around 100 million users (this figure was released by Meta in October).

According to a new report, as of November 10, the number of Threads users had crossed 14 crores.

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