The world’s first supercomputer that can work like a human brain

This computer will start working next year / File photo
This computer will start working next year / File photo

Our brain is so amazing that it performs trillions of tasks every second and consumes very little energy.

According to an estimate, the brain uses only 20 watts of energy for its functions.

Considering this, scientists have developed the world’s first supercomputer that is capable of activating networks at the level of the human brain.

Australian scientists have developed this supercomputer which has been named Deep South.

The supercomputer, developed by Western Sydney University experts, will start operating next year.

According to scientists, this computer has the ability to perform 228 trillion operations per second, which is equal to the functions of the human brain.

They hope this computer will help them understand why our brains use so little energy to analyze so many details.

If they manage to figure this out, then in the future they will be able to develop a machine brain that will be even more powerful than the human brain.

This research work will also help in understanding the functions of the human brain.

We still don’t know how our brain uses cells to function, so we haven’t been able to develop computer networks like this, the researchers said.

He added that traditional computers use graphics processing units and multi-core central processing units that work very slowly and consume a lot of energy, but our computer will change that.

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