The trick hidden in every iPhone that few people know about

A man from Japan told about the trick / Photo courtesy of Apple
A man from Japan told about the trick / Photo courtesy of Apple

It has been more than 16 years since the first iPhone was introduced.

Every year new iPhone models are introduced by Apple and millions of people are using them.

iPhones have many features, most of which are known to people, but still there are some tricks that no one knows about.

One such trick was revealed recently which is hidden in the iPhone camera lens.

Sakata Yoshi from Japan told about this trick.

This trick shows how people without glasses see the world.

He also demonstrated the trick in a post on X (the new name for Twitter).

This feature is hidden in the iPhone’s AF/AE lock camera function.

It should be noted that this tool provides the facility to lock the camera focus.

So how can you use this feature?

First, place the iPhone camera lens behind the glasses and focus the scene to either side in the viewfinder until the AF/AE lock function is exposed.

Then remove the glasses from the front of the iPhone camera’s view.

After doing this you will be able to see how people without glasses see the world around them.

Sakata Yoshi used the same feature in another video to show how nearsighted people see the world without glasses.

This time they focused the camera on a slightly distant object and then triggered AF/AE as described above.

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