The second operation to transplant a pig’s heart into a human body has been successful in America

The second operation to transplant a pig’s heart into a human body has been successfully completed in the United States.

According to the American media, the 58-year-old American patient is recovering rapidly after the operation.

The operation was performed by Dr. Mansoor Mohiuddin and Dr. Griffith from Karachi.

Dr. Mansoor Mohiuddin is a leading expert in the transplantation of animal organs into the human body, he is a graduate of Dow University of Health Sciences.

Earlier in January 2022, a genetically modified pig heart was successfully transplanted into a 57-year-old patient in the United States. Dr. Mansoor Mohiuddin was also among those who accomplished this feat.

However, David Bennett died 2 months after the operation.

In a special conversation with Geonews, Dr. Mansoor said that “in the initial experiments, a monkey heart was implanted, but it did not prove to be useful, but the experiment on pigs was useful.”

He had said that ‘We examined all the animals to see which animal is closest to humans. Initially, monkeys’ hearts were implanted, but they did not prove to be so useful. But it turns out, there are other reasons why we did all the research.

He had further said that ‘the patient in whom the heart was implanted was very sick but we had no other choice, in this case the patient and his heart have to be continuously monitored, care has to be taken that we have given the patient a new heart. The heart has given but will the rest of the body also accept this thing.’

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