The number of people using LinkedIn exceeded one billion

This was announced by the company / Reuters Photo
This was announced by the company / Reuters Photo

LinkedIn, a social media platform that helps job seekers, has crossed one billion users.

The Microsoft-owned social media platform announced the introduction of chatbots and other tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

These new chatbot and AI tools will be available to premium users.

On LinkedIn, users create a CV-like profile detailing their education, work experience and professional skills.

Now it has joined the social media networks that have more than one billion users.

According to the company, 20 percent of its customers are from the United States and 80 percent from other parts of the world.

The service is free to use, but the new AI features will be available only to users who are part of a subscription program that pays a monthly fee of $40.

The company said that these new features will help users find jobs faster.

These users will be advised by the chatbot to make profile changes that will make them more qualified for a job.

A new button from LinkedIn is also part of the social media network that will help summarize long posts.

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