The new change made in Google Maps that most people did not like

Google Maps old and new user interface / Photo courtesy of Google
Google Maps old and new user interface / Photo courtesy of Google

Google’s most popular service Maps is used by millions of people every day.

This service helps people understand the routes to or reach different places.

Now the company has made a significant change in the user interface of Google Maps.

Due to this change, the Google Maps service has started to look different to most people than before.

Yes indeed Google has changed the colors used within Maps.

The change was first reported in September but has now been rolled out to users.

This update changes the colors of Google Maps for phone and desktop users.

Earlier Google Maps used yellow color for roads but now it has become gray while dark green color is being used for forests.

Greenish blue is being used for water while bluish green is being used for parks.

You can also compare the change in the user interface from the image above.

This image shows how different the old (left) and new (right) designs are.

Apparently, this is not a big change, but many users did not like it and many complaints were made on online forums.

These users objected that changing the colors made it difficult for them to identify the paths while the park and the water felt almost the same.

If you don’t like this new change of Google Maps, you can use the service on dark mode which retains the old user interface.

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