The chat lock feature in WhatsApp has been further improved

A report stated this / Photo courtesy of Wabetainfo
A report stated this / Photo courtesy of Wabetainfo

WhatsApp continues to prioritize user privacy and security.

This is why the chat lock feature is being further improved by the Meta-owned messaging app after the mobile app.

It should be noted that the chat lock feature was introduced for mobile apps in May 2023 by which different chats are saved in a folder.

Access to locked chats is via a secret code.

But there is a flaw in this feature and that is that you can lock chats only in the main device while they are not locked on linked devices.

But now this error is being removed.

According to a report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is testing a new feature in the beta version of Android devices.

Under this feature, for the security and privacy of users, when a chat is locked in the main device, it will also be applied to other linked devices.

By implementing ChatLock across all devices, users will be able to protect sensitive chats from others, even if they are not using the device.

It should be noted that a secret code is required to open the list of lock cheats, which will also strengthen the security of all devices.

As mentioned above this feature is still being tested in beta version so it is hard to say when it can be rolled out to all users.

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