The apps in every smartphone that collect the most data

A study reported this / File photo
A study reported this / File photo

Nowadays, most people use smartphones.

Every smartphone has dozens of apps that have access to users’ personal details.

Now a new study has revealed the apps that have the most access to users’ personal data on iPhones or Android smartphones.

A study by TRG Data Centers revealed that Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are the apps that access the most data on phones running on iOS and Android operating systems.

All three apps ask for access to 14 different types of user data such as location, browsing history, contacts, photos and others.

YouTube, LinkedIn and Instacart are the most data consuming apps on iOS followed by Facebook, Instagram and Messenger while TikTok and Google are at 7th and 8th place respectively.

In comparison, the Facebook Lite app accesses the most data on Android phones, ranking fourth after Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Google, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat are ranked 5th to 8th respectively.

The study found that apps on Android demand more data access than on iOS.

According to the researchers, the results indicate that Android users have to sacrifice more of their data than iOS users.

“The statistics of how much data we give apps access to,” he added, “is staggering.”

“A lot of our personal details are held by apps that can be used by marketing companies and hackers for various purposes,” he said.

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