The addition of a new feature in WhatsApp which will prove to be a solution to the major problem of the users

A report described the feature / file photo
A report described the feature / file photo

Billions of people around the world use WhatsApp.

The Meta-owned messaging app is adding a feature that will prove to be the solution to many people’s problems.

Most people on WhatsApp are reluctant to share their phone number with strangers because the number can be used for various purposes, including advertising, without their permission.

Keeping in mind the concern of the users, WhatsApp is introducing a feature that will help in contacting people without a phone number.

According to a report by wabetainfo, a username feature is being added to WhatsApp for Android devices and web users.

With this feature, each user will be able to create their own username and use it to communicate with friends, family and contacts.

When a user creates his username, his phone number will be hidden from the eyes of others, which will strengthen the security of the users.

This feature was introduced some time ago in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices.

It has now been made part of the beta version of the web version of WhatsApp.

Users will also be able to change their username, giving them more control over their profile, the report said.

Along with this, the user interface of the web versions of WhatsApp is also being updated.

After this update, Communities, Status, Channels and New Chat buttons will be moved to the left sidebar.

The company is also improving the dark mode of the web version so that the eyes are not strained by constantly looking at the screen.

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