Spend 16,000 USD to transform into a sheepdog

JapanA man named Toco spent $16,000 on a “realistic” sheepdog outfit, and started walking down the street in a new look.

NY Post On July 28, it was reported that Toco first walked the streets in a costume transforming into a yellow and white sheepdog. On his YouTube account, Toco previously posted a video of him transforming into a dog and doing animal-like movements in his yard. This is the first time Toco has appeared in public with this suit.

Spend 16,000 USD to transform into a dog

A Toco man dressed as a sheepdog appeared on the street. Video: Twitter/@toco_eevee

“I turned into a shepherd dog, fulfilling my childhood dream of being an animal,” Toco’s video describes.

Toco wore this particular outfit to the street to shoot a scene for a German television station. His appearance attracted the attention of passersby and other dogs. It’s unclear if these curious dogs would recognize Toco as a man-made man.

Toco did not disclose his identity for fear of being judged, adding that he also rarely shared this with his acquaintances for fear of being thought of as a freak.

Toco’s $16,000 dog costume was produced in 40 days by Japanese company Zeppet, which specializes in film and advertising costumes.

“The suit is simulated the shape and movements of a sheepdog in real size,” a Zeppet spokesman said.

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