Some of the best Google Chrome tricks that everyone should know

Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world / file photo
Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world / file photo

Most of the internet users prefer Google Chrome for web browsing.

Introduced in 2008, this web browser is used by millions of people every day, one of the main reasons being its ease of use.

But many Chrome users are not aware of some of the best tricks it has.

If you also use Google Chrome, then you will definitely like these tricks.

Using the Groups tab

One of Chrome’s best tricks is creating group tabs.

If you open multiple web pages on your computer during your work, this trick will be very helpful.

For this purpose, right-click on one of the open tabs and select the Add Tab to New Group option.

There you will be asked to name the group while choosing one of 9 different colors.

Once the group tab is created, you can add more tabs to it or delete them if needed.

When you left-click a group tab with the mouse, it will be possible to view the tabs within it.

Track Chrome performance

Although Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, it also has some drawbacks, especially that it uses a lot of RAM.

As a result, the computer slows down.

But now Chrome’s new Memory Saver feature can help you avoid the RAM problem.

For this it is necessary to turn on the memory saver feature.

For this purpose, go to the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the browser and click on More Tools below, which will have an option called Performance.

Clicking on it will open a new page which has the memory saver feature which should be turned on.

Use Chrome’s experimental features

Google Chrome’s experimental features are called flags.

These experimental features are available to all users but should be used with caution.

If you like using new features, you can try the experimental features.

For this, write chrome://flags/ on the Chrome address bar and press the enter button, after which several features will appear below, from which you can enable the features of your choice.

Automatically open your favorite web pages

If you open specific websites for your work daily, it is not necessary to open each one separately.

For this, Chrome has a feature that automatically opens certain websites when the browser starts.

For this, open the browser and click on the three dot menu on the top right side and go to the settings option.

There will be an On Startup option on the left side, click on it.

There will be 3 options in front of you out of which by clicking on Open a specific page or set of pages you can select all the websites of your choice which you open daily.

Similarly, if you have opened all your favorite pages, then select Use current pages, the browser will save them.

Personalize the Chrome profile

Personalizing the Chrome browser just got easier.

Google has redesigned the browser’s user interface to mark Chrome’s 15th anniversary.

For this, open a new tab on Chrome and click on Customize Chrome in the bottom right corner.

Doing so will open a side panel from which you can change the browser color or theme, add shortcuts, and other options available to you.

Save articles to read later

If you come across an article while browsing the web that you want to read but don’t have the time right now, Chrome has a feature for that too.

You can save each article to a reading list to read later.

To do this, click on the square icon next to your profile picture, which will open a side panel on the browser, where you can see the reading list, bookmarks and history.

There, select Reading List by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the Bookmarks option at the top.

After doing this, you will get an option of Ad Current tab at the bottom, by clicking on which you can save the article in the reading list.

Save Chrome pages to devices

If you use Chrome on a computer and a smartphone, you can share web pages between different devices.

Open the webpage you want to share, and select the Send to your devices option by clicking the forward arrow icon at the end of the address bar.

Chrome Shortcuts

With Chrome’s keyboard shortcuts, you can significantly limit the use of the mouse.

In fact, even if the mouse is not working, you can easily use Google Chrome with keyboard shortcuts.

You can navigate through tabs with the Ctrl + Tab shortcut.

With Ctrl/Cmd + T you can open a new tab on the browser.

With Ctrl/Cmd + 1 you can go to the first tab open on the browser, a total of 8 tabs you can go this way, just change the number at the end.

With Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + T you can open the last closed tab.

You can open a new incognito window with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N.

With Ctrl/Cmd and + or Ctrl/Cmd and – you can zoom in or out.

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