Returning 56,000 USD left in the secret safe

ChinaMs. Jiang discovered many jewelry, savings book in the secret safe when moving into the newly rented house in Ningbo.

Jiang Jingping, in his 50s, works for an elderly care center in Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. After moving into the newly rented apartment, she discovered the safe hidden behind the cabinet on July 20 while cleaning.

“When I moved the cabinet and ripped off the wallpaper, I discovered a small safe in the corner. I was very confused,” she said.

Returning 56,000 USD left in the secret safe to the former owner

Mrs. Chiang discovered valuables in an underground safe hidden behind a cabinet. Video: Theirs

The green safe is located deep in the wall, close to the floor. When she opened the safe, she was surprised to find many valuable items such as 5 passbooks, jewelry including rings and gold necklaces. The total value of the passbook is 400,000 yuan ($56,000).

“I was confused at first because I had never seen so much money,” said Ms. Chiang.

She contacted the social worker of Hau Dai Nhai neighborhood. They said the owner of the apartment was an elderly couple who had passed away, their children sold their parents’ property without knowing that there was any hidden property. They tried to contact the family to return the valuables.

The Tran Hai district government said on July 25 that it had found the grandson of the former owner of the house and handed over the things his grandparents left him on the afternoon of 24/7. Truong Tinh Ba, secretary of the neighborhood party committee, said it was “an honor to have a neighbor like Ms. Chiang and commend her actions”.

Ms. Jiang’s story attracted attention on Chinese social media. “She had to rent a house, but she decided not to take away those valuables. Surely she and her family will be loved by God,” one person commented.

“I wonder what the old couple went through, why don’t they tell their children about the savings,” another asked.

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