Popular Apps That Drain Smartphone Battery Fast

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Smartphones have now become important to our lives and are used all the time.

Needless to say, if the smartphone’s battery suddenly starts dying, people also start losing their senses.

There can be many reasons why a smartphone battery drains too quickly, and every phone’s battery life degrades over time.

But did you know that some common and popular apps also drain the battery charge very quickly?

Why do some apps affect the battery more?

There are several reasons why some apps affect battery life more.

Like some apps affect battery life because you use them throughout the day while some apps that use more phone resources also affect battery life.

Similarly, some apps work around the clock to collect information, provide notifications and do more.

Apps running in the background all the time affect battery life significantly.

Apps that use location services and send a lot of notifications also affect battery life.

However, the 9 apps that prove to be the most harmful for a smartphone battery are listed below.


Facebook is the largest social media network in the world and is used by billions of people due to the presence of all kinds of services.

The app also runs in the phone’s background all the time while its features use location and camera resources, both of which take a toll on battery life.

Needless to say, people spend hours on this app which also drains battery life.

Facebook Messenger

Well, it seems unlikely that a messaging app can suck up the battery so much, but Facebook Messenger does.

This is because it is not just a simple text communication app, it can be used for voice messages, video calling, audio calls, file sharing and many other purposes.

Some features also require location services and all features affect battery life.


The same reasons that make Facebook Messenger bad for the battery also make WhatsApp a battery life destroyer.


Users use Instagram continuously for hours while scrolling while the content continues to load, causing the app to drain the battery very quickly.

Some Instagram features also require location services, which also affects battery life.


This social media app also sucks the battery very fast.

This app keeps people busy for hours and since it focuses on photos and videos while also using location services, it drains the battery very quickly.


YouTube is also the fastest battery draining app and the reason is obvious, i.e. watching videos for a long time, which keeps the screen on for a long time, the phone display also consumes a lot of battery power.

Also, downloading or uploading videos requires a lot of data, which also affects battery life.

In fact, YouTube as well as apps from all streaming services affect battery life in the same way.


Skype is also a battery life affecting app as it also requires a lot of resources.

Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock

Tik Tok is also the fastest battery-draining app because it keeps videos playing continuously while scrolling while also using location services.

Also, this app affects the battery life due to constant notifications.


This app also consumes a lot of phone resources and sucks the battery very fast.

How to stop these apps from sucking battery?

Well, deleting these apps is not an ideal solution so the solution is to go to battery in settings menu and select battery usage age.

There it will be shown how much of the battery the apps installed in the phone used during the last 24 hours.

If you find that an app is draining your battery more, then close it and check for updates or consider deleting it.

One way is to restart the phone, but after doing everything, if that app is still sucking the most battery life, then deleting it is the best option.

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