Passkeys feature introduced in WhatsApp, know how to use it

This new feature was announced by the company / screenshot
This new feature was announced by the company / screenshot

WhatsApp has introduced several features for account security and privacy in recent years.

Another cool feature is being added to the Meta-owned app that will further improve account security.

WhatsApp has introduced Passkeys feature for Android users.

The company announced that Android users no longer need to remember long passwords.

Passkeys are essentially digital keys that are easier to use while being more secure because they are not stored on a web server.

Instead of long passwords, this technology uses a 4-digit PIN code or biometric details to log in, meaning SMS-based 2-factor authentication will be eliminated.

Before WhatsApp, Google also announced to make passkeys the default sign-in method for all accounts.

According to the company, the Passkeys feature has started rolling out to Android users, and all users will be able to use it in the coming weeks or months.

This feature was being tested in beta version for a long time and now it has been officially introduced, however this feature is not yet available for iOS devices.

How to use the feature?

To use this feature in WhatsApp on Android phones, open Settings.

Select the Passkeys option in Settings and click on Create a passkey.

Then follow the on-screen instructions according to which you will be able to use the device’s screen lock or fingerprint or face as a passkey.

To use this feature, your phone will need to have Android 9 or later operating system and the lock screen will also need to be enabled.

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