Now you can build your own chatbots like ChatGPT

It was announced during the developer event / Photo courtesy of OpenAI
It was announced during the developer event / Photo courtesy of OpenAI

If you want to develop a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology like ChatGPT, it is now possible.

According to OpenAI, the company that developed ChatGPT, it will provide an opportunity to all individuals to develop their own chatbots based on AI technology.

In fact, users don’t need to learn how to generate new GPTs.

They will be provided instructions in simple language by the company and the user will have to upload specific details in the form of PDF, videos or other files and clarify the purpose of the chatbot, i.e. it will generate images or web. Will search.

Speaking on the sidelines of OpenAI’s developer conference, chief executive Sam Altman said that GPTs will be modified versions of Chat GPTs for a specific purpose.

Demonstrating this technology, he said that it would be very easy to develop this system.

He expected more such chatbots to emerge soon.

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In the coming weeks, OpenAI will release these chatbots on a new GPT store interface.

The company did not disclose fees for using the in-store bots, but clarified that revenue will be shared with those who develop them.

On the occasion of this conference, the company introduced a new chatbot called GPT4 Turbo.

According to the company, this chatbot is capable of larger and more complex tasks.

The chatbot is trained with the latest data and will accept images as input.

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