No need to type email in Gmail

This feature is currently undergoing testing / File photo
This feature is currently undergoing testing / File photo

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world and its new feature will surely be loved by the users.

Thanks to this feature, it will be very easy for users to compose emails.

A feature called Voice Compose is being added to this Google service.

This feature will help users compose and draft emails using their voice.

After the email is drafted, artificial intelligence (AI) technology will finalize the email after which the user can send it.

The new feature will be part of Gmail’s Help Me Write tool.

9 to 5 Google reports that this feature is currently undergoing testing.

This feature will be very useful for users who wish to send emails while traveling or at work.

As this feature is still in the testing phase, it is difficult to say when it will be rolled out to all users.

Note that Google announced the introduction of the Help Me Write tool in June 2023.

According to the company, using this tool, the user just needs to specify the topic he wants to write about and the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology will instantly compose the article or email for you.

The company said that the user will be able to edit the draft created by AI technology and use it as per his will.

On Gmail, the Help Me Write tool is located in a pane-shaped icon between the Attachments and Formatting options at the bottom of the email compose window.

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