Namira Saleem became the first Pakistani to reach space

Pakistan’s female astronaut Namira Saleem created a new history by reaching space, she has earned the honor of being the first Pakistani to reach space.

Namira Salim had arrived in the US for a journey in space on the commercial space liner of the American company Virgin Galactic.

The Virgin Galactic commercial space liner mission named Galactic 04 took off from the spaceport in New Mexico yesterday.

The mission was carried by 3 tourists, including Namira Salim, who were in the cabin of the company’s VSS Unity spacecraft.

Namira Salim / Social Media Photo
Namira Salim / Social Media Photo

Namira Saleem also met the caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi before leaving for space, in which she informed about the preparations for her space journey.

It should be noted that previously Namira Saleem had hoisted Pakistan’s flag at the North Pole on 21 April 2007 and at the South Pole on 10 January 2008.

Apart from this, Namira Saleem is also the first woman from Pakistan who has the honor of reaching the poles.

It should be noted that Virgin Galactic succeeded in taking the first commercial flight to space at the end of June 2023, but this flight did not carry ordinary tourists but experts from Italy.

Later in August, the company launched the first space flight for tourists, while in September, a flight also took tourists into space. This will be the company’s fourth commercial space flight overall.

Namira is among the first 100 people to buy tickets for space tourism of this American company. She had booked tickets for this trip in 2006 and now she got the chance to go to space.

It should be remembered that the government of Pakistan declared Namira Saleem as the first Pakistani astronaut in 2006 and she was awarded the Tagha Imtiaz in 2011.

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