Most searched topics on Google in Pakistan in 2023

New list released by Google / File photo
New list released by Google / File photo

The life of internet users cannot be complete without Google search engine.

Billions of topics are searched on Google every day and this is why the search engine releases a list of the most popular searches at the end of every year.

Google has released the list of the most searched topics by Pakistani people during 2023.

Google has released a list of favorite searches of Pakistanis in a total of 8 different categories.

Categories include Cricket Games, Events/Occasions, How To, News, Recipes, TV Shows and Movies, Technology and Personalities.

Cricket games

Pakistan vs New Zealand was the most searched match in this category followed by the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Pakistan vs Australia on 3rd, India vs New Zealand on 4th and Pakistan vs Netherlands on 5th place.


Pakistan Super League is at the top of this category followed by Cricket World Cup.

Asia Cup is on the third, Indian Premier League is on the fourth while the Ashes is on the 5th.

Movies and TV shows

This year in Pakistan surprisingly the most searched for information was about a Hollywood movie rather than a Pakistani or Indian movie.

Oppenheimer was the most searched in Pakistan followed by Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan (second) and Pathan (third).

Hollywood film Barbie was at the fourth position while Bollywood film Tiger 3 came at the 5th position in the category.


The Gaza war topped the category that Pakistanis turned to Google to learn about.

Ehsaas program came second, Aliza Sahar third, Akshay Kumar fourth while Kajol came fifth.


Pakistani citizens are very fond of food and in 2023 samosa recipe was the most searched recipe.

How to make kelji was the second most searched followed by sher khurma.

Salted meat and tomato ketchup recipes came in 4th and 5th respectively.


The top name in this category is not surprising as it has attracted people from all over the world over the past year.

This is the name ChatGPT chatbot based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which was introduced in November 2022 and went global in 2023.

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