Mobile phones banned in New Zealand educational institutions

The Prime Minister of New Zealand announced this / file photo
The Prime Minister of New Zealand announced this / file photo

The New Zealand government has banned the use of mobile phones in schools.

New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Lexon made the announcement at a time when the quality of education is declining.

Not long ago, New Zealand schools were considered the best in the world, but then there was a decline in the quality of education there.

Prime Minister Christopher Lexon said banning mobile phones in schools would improve student behavior and help them focus on studies.

He said that this ban will be applied during the next 100 days.

“We are banning mobile phones in schools across the country, we want children to study there and teachers to focus on teaching,” he said.

Experts have warned of an education crisis in 2022, with more than a third of 15-year-olds barely able to read or write.

He said that measures need to be taken to prevent the poor quality of education in New Zealand.

Such a ban has also been imposed in educational institutions in the UK and France.

It should be noted that Christopher Lexon’s government started work in the last decade of November 2023.

After assuming government, Christopher Lexon also announced the reversal of the decision to completely ban smoking among young people in New Zealand.

Earlier in 2022, it was announced that no one born after 2008 would be allowed to smoke.

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