Learn how to bring back the old Twitter bird logo

This way it is possible to bring back the old Twitter logo / Reuters photo
This way it is possible to bring back the old Twitter logo / Reuters photo

The social media platform owned by Elon Musk, Twitter (or now called X) was recently rebranded, during which its famous bird logo was also changed.

Earlier the desktop version of the social media platform used the X logo instead of the bird and then this change was made in the Android app.

Well, users can’t do anything about the change made in the mobile app, but it is definitely possible to bring back its famous logo on the desktop site.

Yes indeed there is a way the bird logo can be brought back.

If you are using a Chromium-based web browser such as Chrome, Edge or Opera, one Web extension With ‘twitter_icon_x_to_bird’ the X logo can be replaced with a bird.

This new extension has been downloaded more than 10,000 times so far and users are giving a lot of positive feedback.

This extension can be found by visiting the Chrome Web Store and searching and installing it there.

Remember that after changing the logo of Twitter on July 24, Elon Musk explained this decision in one of his messages on this platform.

He said, “It’s not just changing the name of a company that continues to operate as it has in the past, in fact, the name Twitter made sense when a message consisted of 140 characters, like birds chirping (tweeting). ) have been’.

He said that Twitter’s purchase by X Corporation ensured freedom of expression and the journey to super-app X, where you can now post almost anything, even hours-long videos.

He added that in the coming months the X app will be capable of meeting all the communication, multimedia and financial needs of the user.

Elon Musk has long expressed his desire to make Twitter similar to the popular Chinese app WeChat, which offers users online financial services as well as messaging.

Twitter was rebranded after Elon Musk recently admitted that the company’s ad revenue had dropped by 50 percent, and the name and logo changes were apparently made to increase attention on the social media platform. .

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