Know these best secret features of Tik Tok?

Some of the best Tik Tok Tricks / File Photo
Some of the best Tik Tok Tricks / File Photo

Tik Tok is used by millions of people around the world every day, the app is very popular especially among the youth.

But surprisingly most of the Tik Tok users are not aware of some of the features that are hidden in this app.

Yes indeed there are some Tik Tok tricks which help to improve the usage of this app.

How to watch long videos faster

Did you know that an easy way to watch longer Tik Tok videos faster is also hidden in the app?

You can watch a video at twice the normal speed, just hold your finger on the left side of the phone screen.

Slow down the video

Along with speeding up you can also slow down the speed of videos.

To do this, hold down a finger anywhere on the screen and a pop-up menu will appear, with playback speed options at the top, allowing you to watch the video at 50% slower than normal. .

Remove icons from the screen

If you don’t like to see Likes, Comments, Favorites and other buttons on a Tik Tok video, it is possible to remove them.

Pressing and holding the screen will bring up a menu from which to select Clear Mode, after which no button will be visible on videos.

Picture-in-picture mode

If you want to watch Tik Tok videos working in other apps, that is also possible.

Press and hold the screen on the video and a pop-up menu will appear from which you can select the picture-in-picture mode.

After that, even when you exit Tik Tok, the video will continue to play on the screen in the background, but the videos will also change automatically.

Auto scroll

With this feature, the videos will automatically change and you don’t need to touch the screen.

After opening any Tik Tok video and pressing and holding the screen, select the Auto Scroll option from the pop-up menu that appears.

After that, the Tik Tok app will automatically scroll through the videos.

View watch history

Open Tik Tok and click on the three dot menu on the top right and go to Settings and Privacy and then Activity Center.

There you will see the watch history option where it will be possible to see which videos you have watched in the past or even the videos you have commented on.

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