Know how to save on petrol with Google Maps?

Few people are aware of this feature / File photo
Few people are aware of this feature / File photo

Google Maps is often used by people to reach their destination or to know the flow of traffic on the way.

But did you know that Google Maps can also be used to save on petrol?

Yes, it is really not only possible to know the route from Google Maps, but this service can also be helpful for saving petrol during the journey.

This feature has been available to users for a long time, but the surprising thing is that very few people are aware of it.

This feature called eco-friendly routing helps users to save vehicle fuel while traveling.

But this feature has to be enabled by the user himself and that’s why most people don’t know about it.

This feature estimates fuel consumption by taking into account the vehicle’s engine and other aspects.

Along with this, the feature also suggests the best route to users by checking real-time traffic, road conditions and other aspects, saving both time and fuel.

This is why the route suggested in it is often different from the fastest route.

When this feature is turned off, Google Maps supports finding the fastest route without taking vehicle or fuel into account.

But under this feature, the best routes to save fuel are highlighted with a green leaf logo.

How to enable the feature

Open Google Maps on your phone and go to Settings.

Select the navigation option in settings and click on root options there.

Disable eco-friendly routing by clicking Prefer fuel-efficient routes in route options.

Then on the next page select the engine type.

How to save fuel?

After enabling the feature, search for your destination in Google Maps and click on Directions.

Then swipe up to find the Change Engine Type option.

Choose the vehicle’s engine such as petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric.

If you don’t select an engine type, the app provides the details considering the petrol engine by default.

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