It is revealed that there is an increase in earthquakes due to the shrinking of the moon

A study reported about this / AFP photo
A study reported about this / AFP photo

Scientists have made a surprising discovery about the moon shining in the night sky.

One under the American space agency NASA research I was told that the hidden layer beneath the surface of the moon is cooling, which is resulting in the shrinking of the natural satellite of the earth and the increase of earthquakes there.

In fact, the seismic waves are going high enough to create cracks on the surface of the moon.

Earthquakes and landslides lasting several hours on the moon due to these cracks may cause difficulties for humans and robots arriving there in the near future.

According to Smithsonian Institution research, models indicate that the magnitude of earthquakes on the surface of the moon’s south pole is much higher.

The research focused on the south pole of the Moon as this region is considered to be very important.

Scientists believe that this dark part of the moon has deposits of icy water.

NASA’s manned Artemis 3 mission is also planned to land in the same region in September 2026.

Changes in the lunar surface were observed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s camera.

The camera spotted thousands of tiny new cracks while examining earthquake data from devices on the moon’s surface.

The researchers said that the propagation of these new cracks indicates their activation and also indicates the formation of new cracks.

He added that he is not warning anyone or discouraging sending missions there, but we definitely want to highlight the risks to future missions.

He said that the moon is not a harmless place where nothing happens.

The results of this research were published in the Planetary Science Journal.

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