iPhone battery drains quickly? Try this ‘hack’ and get rid of this problem

iPhone owners get frustrated when the ‘low battery’ notification pops up on their mobile and get heartbroken when they are away from home, don’t even have a power bank and the battery is about to die. be

And not having a smartphone in modern times means being disconnected from the world.

Tech enthusiasts often go into the settings of their phones and devices to find different things and tricks to solve their problems, one such TikToker has shared a ‘foolproof’ hack that can save iPhones battery. Extends life.

All you need to do to get iPhone battery back on track is to go to Settings and make some changes.

According to this TikToker if you do these settings then you will not have to worry about your battery as it will increase the battery life.

Go to the iPhone Settings and select the Accessibility option, then select Display & Text Size and set the Reduce White Point option to 100%.

Photo: Screen grab
Photo: Screen grab

This will reduce the brightness of your phone, the brightness of the phone plays the biggest role in draining the battery.

Although this hack won’t work for people who are using their phone under sunlight, they may have trouble using the phone.

By doing these settings in your iPhone, the battery will not drain very quickly.

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