Introducing the biggest feature of this year in Facebook Messenger

This feature is available to all users / Photo courtesy of Meta
This feature is available to all users / Photo courtesy of Meta

Meta has introduced the biggest feature of 2023 for Facebook Messenger.

After Meta-owned WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger has also added a message edit feature.

Until now, a wrongly typed message in Messenger had to be unsend or deleted.

But now you don’t need to delete a message by mistake, you can edit it instead.

This feature is available to users in the mobile apps as well as in the desktop version of Facebook.

Through this feature users can edit the sent message within 15 minutes.

However, an edit label will appear above such a message, which will make it clear that the message has been edited.

How to use the feature?

This feature is very easy to use.

After sending a message on Facebook Messenger, click on that message on the mobile app.

After doing this there will be an edit option which can be used to correct the message.

In the desktop version, click the three-dot menu to the left of the message and select the Edit button there.

As mentioned above the sent message has to be edited within 15 minutes, after that it will not be possible.

It should be noted that earlier Meta had introduced the feature of end-to-end encryption by default in Messenger in the past few days.

With end-to-end encryption, only the sender and receiver can see the messages and calls, and Meta will not have access to this data.

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