Introducing a unique feature in WhatsApp that will replace video calls

This feature has just been introduced in beta version / File Photo
This feature has just been introduced in beta version / File Photo

Several new features were introduced in WhatsApp during 2023.

Now the Meta-owned messaging app has added a unique feature that will change the video calling experience.

Some time ago WhatsApp introduced screen sharing feature during video calls.

Now it is being improved further in the messaging app and it will also be possible to share audio during video calls.

According to a report by WaBetaInfo, the beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices has introduced the feature of sharing audio during video calls.

Under this feature, it will be possible to play any audio file in the phone during a video call.

With this feature, users can listen to their favorite songs together, do office work together and can be used for many other purposes.

According to the report, when a user shares the screen during a video call, audio from the phone will also be transmitted.

With this feature, WhatsApp will be able to compete with traditional video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and FaceTime.

The screen sharing feature works similarly in apps like Google Meet and Zoom.

It should be noted that the video calling feature in WhatsApp was introduced in November 2016 but it was gradually improved.

Some time ago, WhatsApp introduced picture-in-picture support in video calls for iOS users.

Similarly, the feature of short video messages was also added to the messaging platform in July.

The audio sharing feature is currently in beta so it’s hard to say when all users will be able to use it.

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