Introducing a new feature for iPhones that will keep thieves away from phone data

iPhone 15 / Reuters Photo
iPhone 15 / Reuters Photo

Apple has introduced a new security feature that will help keep thieves away from your iPhone data.

Apple has introduced a new version of the operating system for iPhones, iOS 17.3, which has a feature called Stolen Device Protection.

It should be noted that smartphones contain many sensitive user details like e-mails of various service accounts, credit card details and others.

Right now iPhone users access their sensitive details through a passcode.

This 4 or 6 digit code is used for various tasks like viewing credit card details, changing Apple ID password or accessing all passwords stored in the device.

Keeping this in mind, Apple has strengthened the security of iPhones through Stolen Device Protection.

By using this feature, access to sensitive data or settings in the iPhone will be possible only through biometric methods such as Face ID and Touch ID.

Then even if thieves don’t know your iPhone’s passcode, the data will be safe.

According to the company, the feature will ask for biometric data when a user changes their Apple ID password, switches to face or fingerprint scanning, or turns off Find My iPhone.

After providing the biometric data, the data will be asked again after waiting for an hour, after which the changes will be allowed.

This biometric data will be requested when the user attempts to make changes to the device at a location other than their home or office, which will not be recorded in the device.

Note that iPhone automatically stores familiar places like home or office.

To use this feature, the iPhone has to update the operating system and then turn it on manually.

For this, you have to go to Face ID and Passcode in the phone settings and turn on the Stolen Device Protection option.

It should be noted that this feature will only work if you enable 2-factor authentication and Find My Settings in Apple ID.

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