Introducing a feature to post 15-minute long videos in Tik Tok

This feature is currently available to limited users / File photo
This feature is currently available to limited users / File photo

Tik Tok quickly gained popularity around the world with its videos of a few seconds.

In fact, the popularity of this video sharing app has forced other companies like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube etc. to adopt the feature of short videos.

While other companies are focusing more on short videos, TikTok is now ready to make longer videos a part of its platform.

Yes, Tik Tok is significantly increasing the duration of videos.

The video sharing app is introducing a feature to post 15-minute long videos.

Keep in mind that 10 minutes long video can be posted on Tik Tok right now.

TikTok has gradually increased the length of videos from 15 seconds to 60 seconds in July 2021 and 3 minutes in February 2022.

The company has confirmed that the feature of uploading videos of 15 minutes duration is being tested.

The social media company said that this new feature is being tested among limited users in certain regions.

However, Tik Tok refrained from revealing more details in this regard.

Longer videos will help creators optimize content that is less impressive due to limited time.

The change in video duration will also help Tik Tok beat YouTube more.

TikTok is testing a horizontal full-screen mode in certain regions, which will also make it a YouTube-like service.

The company has not yet said when the feature of 15-minute long videos can be rolled out to all users.

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