Introducing 3 best and useful features in Google Maps

These features were announced by Google / File photo
These features were announced by Google / File photo

3 new features have been introduced in Google’s most popular service Maps.

According to the company, these new features have been developed keeping in mind the convenience of the users.

One of these features is transit directions.

This feature will help users determine the best route to their desired destination.

This feature will identify the best route by taking into account the length of the journey, the likely time to reach the destination and other factors.

With this feature, the user will be able to know which public transport to choose to reach the desired destination or where it would be better to walk.

Another feature is the collaboration list tool.

The company said that with this feature, users will be able to plan an outing with their friends and choose the location by voting.

According to Google, when you share a location with friends on Maps, you can instantly create a collaborative list and plan your journey there.

Everyone in the group of friends will be able to add the places they plan to visit to the list.

One of these locations will be chosen through voting and emojis reactions will be used for votes.

The third feature is emoji reactions.

It will be possible to use other emojis including heart in this feature.

According to the company, when you see a photo, video or review, you will be able to express your reaction through emojis.

Similarly, it will be possible to create mashup reactions through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emoji Kitchen.

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