In the forest to live in hiding, the American family died

Two women and a boy died in a remote area of ​​Colorado, after going into the woods to “escape the civilized world”, despite the family’s disapproval.

Michael Barnes, coroner for Gunnison County, Colorado, USA, on July 26, said three bodies were found in and around the tent near the campground in the Gunnison National Forest.

The three victims include sisters Christine Vance, 41, and Rebecca Vance, 42, and Rebecca’s 14-year-old son. Trevala Jara, a family member, said they had been living in the forest since last summer to escape the civilized world, although the Vance sisters have no survival experience and only watch YouTube videos on the subject.

“We tried to dissuade them, but they wouldn’t listen,” Jara said.

From left to right: Rebecca's 14-year-old son Rebecca Vance, Trevala Jara, Christine Vance and Tommy Jara a few days before the three went camping last summer.  Photo: Gazette

From left to right: Rebecca’s 14-year-old son Rebecca Vance, Trevala Jara, Christine Vance and Tommy Jara a few days before the three went camping last summer. Image: Gazette

Earlier this month, a hiker stumbled across their bodies around the tent. Authorities entered the investigation and found food containers, books, and a toilet area, indicating that three people survived on canned food.

Their bodies show signs of malnutrition. Barnes said investigators are awaiting toxicology reports and have not determined a cause of death. They suspect three people may have died of starvation, cold or CO2 poisoning when heating fire.

Authorities did not find any vehicles or weapons at the campsite. Barnes said that direct exposure to many environmental factors and harsh winters could be the causes of their deaths.

“Last winter was harsher than usual,” Barnes said. “It’s snowing more than in previous years.”

Three people can come here to camp from last summer and die in winter. Barnes said they appear to have begun building a shelter, but won’t be able to finish it until winter arrives.

“They brought a lot of materials about survival on the picnic, how to find food and things like that. But it seems they just bought things from a grocery store,” he said.

Jara said the Vance sisters are very worried about the current situation in the world and Rebecca is even more worried due to the pandemic. “Fear overwhelmed her,” she said.

Christine agrees to go to the forest with her sister and nephew so that the two do not feel too alone. Jara thinks that Rebecca and Christine may have done the right thing, just not well prepared.

“It takes many years of practice before deciding to live in seclusion,” says Jara. “They only watch a few videos on YouTube, but the reality out there is completely different from people with no survival experience.”

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