If you use Google Chrome, update it immediately

This security flaw was discovered in the past days / Reuters Photo
This security flaw was discovered in the past days / Reuters Photo

If you use the Google Chrome web browser, update it immediately.

Google has updated the world’s most popular web browser to fix a major flaw.

This security vulnerability was discovered in the Skia open source 2D graphics library and therefore requires an immediate browser update.

This security vulnerability was recently discovered by two experts working with Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG).

Google said that a security bug called CVE-2023-6345 is putting users at risk.

Google has not released many details regarding this security vulnerability.

Keep in mind that 50 to 60 percent of Internet users around the world prefer Google Chrome for browsing, so a security vulnerability in it could prove to be a huge threat.

During 2023, Google discovered 6 such major security vulnerabilities that were prevented by updating the browser.

How to Update Chrome Browser?

Usually Google Chrome updates automatically.

If you don’t know if the browser has been updated or not, go to Settings by clicking on the three-dot menu.

There click on About Chrome which will be at the bottom left side of the page.

Chrome will then tell you that the browser is up to date, if not, it will start updating.

After that, just restart and Chrome will update.

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