If the phone gets water, do this first thing to save it

It can happen to anyone / File photo
It can happen to anyone / File photo

Smartphones have now become an important part of our lives that we like to carry with us all the time.

Smartphones help us keep in touch with friends and family, connect to social networks and other services while also being used for various other purposes.

Simply put, it is very difficult for most people to live without a smartphone now.

But how does it feel when your phone falls into water or water falls on top of it due to an accident or mistake?

Well, in recent years there has been a lot of progress to protect smartphones from water, but still most phones get damaged by water.

If water has fallen on top of your smartphone or it has been submerged somewhere, instead of worrying, there are a few steps you can take to save it immediately.

First things to do

As soon as the phone is exposed to water, first turn it off.

In fact, if the phone falls in water or gets water in it for any reason, even if it continues to work, power it off immediately instead of pressing any other button.

Pressing other buttons increases the chance of water getting further into the phone.

Then you have to keep your phone away from anything electrical, as the current can burn wet parts of the phone and electrocute yourself.

Turn the phone off and try to remove the battery (if it is possible to remove the battery, otherwise it is not easy to remove the battery on most phones).

Also take out the SIM card and SD card inside the phone.

Steps to save the phone

After switching off the phone and away from electrical objects, try to dry it again.

First of all, gently clean every part of the phone including the front and back with a soft and clean cloth.

Try to gently remove water droplets from the charging or headphone ports.

After removing as much water as possible, place the phone in a clean, dry place and leave it to air dry for several days.

Yes wait for several days as even a small amount of water is enough to damage the phone, so the device needs time to dry completely.

If you want to dry the phone quickly, seal it in a cellpack bag with a few silica gel packets.

Electronic products, medicines, shoes and many other products contain silica gel packets because silica gel absorbs moisture.

The silica gel will absorb the water from the device and with any luck the phone will start working again.

If silica gel is not available, you can also place the phone in dry white rice, but this method is not very likely to succeed.

What else to do?

After a few days of keeping the phone and it starts to feel dry, try turning it on again.

If you have done the above mentioned tasks quickly and correctly then most likely the phone will start working again.

If the phone starts working, monitor its function for a few days and also check the performance of the speaker or microphone.

If the phone won’t turn back on, it’s most likely dead, in which case take it to an expert to fix it, who will let you know the final situation.

Things that should never be done

Do not attempt to remove water by forceful or vigorous shaking, as shaking the device may cause water to reach the internal components more quickly.

Likewise, don’t try to dry the phone from the inside by heating it from above, as this can completely damage the phone from the inside.

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