How does Facebook’s new link history feature work?

Meta announced this feature / screenshot
Meta announced this feature / screenshot

Meta has introduced a new feature called Link History.

This feature has been introduced in the mobile apps of Facebook and Instagram.

According to the company, with this feature, users will be able to easily find web links that they have visited before.

When you enable link history, Facebook and Instagram apps save every link you’ve clicked, Meta said.

This way you can easily find the links that have been visited in the past.

This will make it easier for users to find specific links, Metta said.

This new feature is enabled by default by the company.

The company did not specify what it would do to collect data on user browsing preferences.

But given Meta’s history of collecting user data, it’s safe to say that this new feature will allow the company to collect more data.

According to several media reports, Meta tracks all the links you click on.

In Metta’s apps like Facebook, when you click a link, the company’s own browser opens instead of the phone’s default browser.

According to the company, when you allow link history, we may use these details to improve advertising.

If you want to disable link history, open Facebook or Instagram.

Go to Settings and find Allow Link History and turn it off.

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