How does Facebook track your web browsing? Also learn how to stop

Learn how to use Facebook's best privacy tools / Reuters Photo
Learn how to use Facebook’s best privacy tools / Reuters Photo

Facebook is considered to be the largest social media network in the world and if you use it, you should know that the platform tracks your web browsing even when you are away from it. are

Yes, your web activities are indeed tracked by Facebook.

But the good thing is that this can be prevented to some extent with a privacy tool.

A feature called Your Activity of Meta Technologies in Facebook Settings allows you to view and control data from apps and websites that share user activity with Facebook.

This feature can be used to clear the history of apps and websites whose data the social media network shares with third-party apps.

This feature works on both Facebook and Instagram accounts (if you have connected Facebook and Instagram accounts).

So how to use this feature?

With this feature, you can see what details about you are sent to Facebook by apps and websites.

From there you can remove these details from your accounts and turn off your account tracking.

To use it, open Facebook on a desktop computer or laptop and click on the Settings option in Settings & Privacy.

After that, click on Off Facebook Activity to clear all history and disconnect all activity for future.

When you click on Off Facebook Activity, a long list below will contain the names of all the websites and apps that Facebook tracks when you’re not using the social media network.

This list is scary because it shows how much Facebook knows about your online activities.

You can also stop tracking your online activities on Instagram.

For this, go to the Accounts Center in Settings and Privacy and select Your Activity of Meta Technologies in the Your Information Permissions option.

What happens when you turn off your activity of meta-technologies?

When you clear your activity through this tool, all the details Facebook and Instagram share with apps and websites are deleted.

That means meta apps then don’t know which websites you’re visiting or what you’re looking at on the web, reducing targeted advertising.

It’s also possible to turn off MetaActivity in the future, which tells Facebook and Instagram not to share your account details with anyone else, or to choose which companies you want to see there. to avoid targeted ads.

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