Google ready to settle billions of dollars in Incognito Mode lawsuit

Google has settled the lawsuit out of court / File photo
Google has settled the lawsuit out of court / File photo

Many people use incognito mode on the Google Chrome web browser, thinking that no one will be able to access their browsing activities or data.

But this is not true, because while using incognito mode, although the browser does not record (cookies) your history, import bookmarks or login details of any online account, it does not hide your identity, i.e. your data. It is stored in the opened website.

Skip Websites Even on your office network, web activity cannot be hidden in Incognito mode.

That’s why Google settled out of court in a lawsuit that said the company tracked user data during incognito mode.

The lawsuit, filed in 2020, demanded the company pay $5 billion in damages for tracking customer data.

The lawsuit said that using incognito mode gives users the false impression that their online activities can’t even be tracked by Google.

But documents submitted to the lawsuit reveal details of Google’s internal emails that users using incognito mode are monitored to learn about web traffic and sell ads.

Court documents confirm that Google’s lawyers have agreed to a preliminary settlement on the lawsuit.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs are seeking at least $5,000 in damages per customer.

In total, this amount can be at least 5 billion dollars, but it is more likely that the matters will be settled in this small amount.

No amount has yet been mentioned in the preliminary agreement.

The settlement comes after Google rejected a request that the case be decided by a judge.

The trial will now begin next year under a jury.

The lawsuit was filed in a California court claiming that Google deliberately misled users by giving them the incognito option in order to violate their privacy.

The lawsuit said that Google collects too many details about users.

The settlement is expected to be approved by the court in February 2024.

Earlier in August 2023, Google had also settled out of court in the case of giving access to search data to third parties and paid 23 million dollars.

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